J. Briggs: Will work effectively with others


This November, I will be voting for Luke Jensen, running in House District 58 in Lewiston.

I have known him for more than 10 years. He is a genuine guy who truly cares about others and our city. Years before he was old enough to vote, he was active in the community. He went to meetings and he researched the issues. He was elected to be class president four times, and elected to be chairman of the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council two times.

He attended the American Legion’s Dirigo Boys State program and participated in the YMCA Model State Legislature program every year in high school, acting as Speaker of the House his senior year.

He understands how to effectively work with others in order to resolve issues, something we aren’t getting from legislators now.

I want to see change in the Legislature and Luke Jensen will get the job done.

John Briggs, Lewiston