J. Keenan: Bear hunt hypocrites galore


The vote on Question 1 is going to expose ignorant hypocrites. I cannot believe that common sense can be so blind.

Yes, bears are cute; they are also very dangerous. My niece’s car door was peeled back by a bear going after a bag of dog food that had just been purchased. That happened in Minot.

Back to the ignorant hypocrites, who probably had bacon for breakfast or a burger or chicken salad for lunch. Those food sources were fed by humans and then killed and people are OK with that. But it is not OK to feed those cute, dangerous bears?

Like lobsters, just another renewable resource in this great state of Maine that needs to be harvested to be controlled.

Not to mention the tourism revenue, or the jobs from meat cutters to taxidermists to guides. That revenue is so needed for the northern part of the state.

A “yes” vote is bad news for campers and homesteaders. A “no” vote is a positive vote for Maine.

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn