J. Murphy: Concern for others


It is good to hear politicians quoting scripture these days, even if they are taking it out of context.

The “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required” comes from Luke 12:48. Jesus is giving the parable of testing of servants. That has nothing to do with the rich giving to the government.

There are many scriptures that do encourage the rich to give to the poor, but none encouraging the rich to support the government in order that the government may do more.

The scriptures speak to mankind’s heart. It is God’s desire that we live our lives with concern for others.

Giving through the government breeds corruption. Jesus called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites because they did not properly distribute money collected for the poor.

Our Founding Fathers had unbelievable foresight. They actually foresaw today’s political struggle and warned against it. They warned that it would be necessary for godly people to govern the new form of government that was founded by the Constitution.

The newly formed government’s printing press published the Holy Bible and distributed it to all school systems in order that our youth might be taught the godly principles necessary for a government “for the people, by the people” to be successful.

Nearly 50 years ago, politicians decided to ignore the warning and remove the Holy Bible and its teaching of godly principles from the school systems.

We are witnessing the effects of that decision.

Jim Murphy, Bethel