J. Roy: Contraception controversy?


Hypocrisy is rampant in the “good ole boy” Catholic church club, created to formulate rules for other people to live by.

Fifty years ago, as a married woman with four children, I was pondering the church’s position on birth control. Lo and behold, I received a letter from a former classmate who was a missionary in Africa. It provided my answer.

In the letter, my classmate wrote that missionaries must take birth control pills. Evidently, in the African culture, the men did not see female missionaries as special people, just women. Rape often occurred and the missionaries had to be flown state-side to have their unplanned and unwanted babies.

When the problem happens on the Church’s front door, its rules do not apply.

Married women are on their own. They should forget men’s agendas for them.

Jeannine Roy, Lewiston