J. Sutherland: Unfair discrimination


The town of Raymond has begun the process of amending its animal noise ordinance to be far-reaching and have broad negative consequences for anyone keeping farm animals in this rural town near Sebago Lake, 20 miles north of Portland.

The town has undertaken the action based on the complaint of only one couple, who is bothered by roosters kept by a neighbor. Most other neighbors are not bothered by the roosters, and zoning in the area permits the keeping of farm animals.

As proposed, the ordinance unfairly discriminates against animal owners, as opposed to anyone else engaged in activities that create noise. Further, the standards proposed are both arbitrary and subjective as to what constitutes a disturbance.

The result of such an ordinance could be, though not limited to, harassment of one neighbor by another, disruption or closing of commercial and/or farm businesses, and expensive use of manpower and litigation.

Julie Sutherland, Raymond