J. Tetreault: We are the ‘deciders’


Where is the honor in our elected leaders? For that matter, where is honor in the electorate?

Our elected officials mirror what they see in us. What they see is: forget honor, give me mine, and then I will complain about what others get.

Our elected leaders know very well what it will take to get our once great country back to what it was designed by our founders to be. But, they are no better than us, so we have a country of spoiled brats.

We were designed to be free, responsible and honorable. Instead, we have become greedy, sneaky and dishonorable.

Neither side (Dems or Repubs) has the honor or character to tell us what we all know is the truth. We have not learned from the great failures in history. We keep the masses ignorant and ply them with lies and bad press.

Not hearing the truth, we remain with our bad choices and search for someone or something to blame for our problems.


Our country is being destroyed by us, not politicians, because we are the ultimate deciders. We decided wrongly and our country is burning as surely as Rome burned and for the same reasons.

Class warfare has never worked. All it accomplishes is chaos. 

The saving grace is that after great strife our world will right itself and just maybe we will have really learned and honor will be back.

Our president is not to blame. We are.

Too bad.

Jack Tetreault, Lewiston