J. Theriault: Drop the hyperbole


In reading many of the letters sent in that are about gun control, I have seen comparisons to actions taken by Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union; I have read about how law-abiding citizens carrying guns could seemingly stop any crime; and how prohibition didn’t work for alcohol so how would it work for guns.

Meanwhile, my 5-year-old son came home recently and told me how they practiced a “soft lockdown” and a “hard lockdown” at school. “Soft” being when an animal is outside and “hard,” in his words, being “if a bad guy is trying to get in and hurt us.”

It is time to drop the hyperbole and prove that gun owners are, in fact, responsible people. If a person can’t discuss the pros and cons of gun control without immediately going to the extremes, the rest of us (who, in case some people haven’t noticed, outnumber them) will proceed without them and they will have no say in how this moves forward.

Jason Theriault, Auburn