J. Turner: Other more pressing business


State Representative and Lewiston City Councilor Nathan Libby would like people to believe the political ills facing America are because of donations made by anonymous corporate donors (Jan. 22).

Of the problems facing Maine —  including budget shortfalls; downgrading of the state’s credit rating; a growing unemployment rate; last in the nation as it relates to the business climate; a growing number of young people leaving Maine; and one of the oldest and highest taxed states — Libby believes knowing who corporate donors are is so pressing that the state Constitution needs to be changed?


I would suggest that Libby gain more of life’s experiences before taking the public on a magical mystery tour.

As an owner of a small business, I would like to suggest to Libby that, as an elected official, he is there to protect people’s freedoms, not restrict them.

He should get back to work doing what he was elected to do.

John Turner, Auburn