J. Wellehan: Candidates to get Maine moving


Maine’s infrastructure is crumbling. Voters approved bonds four years ago to fix things when jobs were most needed. The governor, aided by Republicans, prevented that.

They also turned down a large investment in off-shore wind power that would have created jobs and energy. They turned down $200 million annually to provide health insurance for Maine’s needy.

They turned down a bill to provide warning on bottles with carcinogens. Seven percent of Maine’s people are homeless, and 20 percent of Maine children live with food insecurity.

I will vote enthusiastically for Mike Michaud and great legislators such as John Cleveland, formerly Auburn’s mayor who leads the Energy Committee, Bettyann Sheats, a military veteran and business lady, and Gina Melaragno, whom I’ve known, liked and admired since she ran cross-country with my sons. They will be great people to get Maine moving again.

It’s been a hard four years for too many people.

Jim Wellehan, Auburn