Jail inmate captured after walking away from job site


NAPLES – Police have caught a Cumberland County Community Corrections Center inmate who failed to return from his job at a Naples construction site Friday night.

James Brown, 39, of Portland was hired by a Naples painter and was expected to return to the jail at 9 p.m. Friday.

Brown was being held on a judgment and committal for violating a condition of release. Brown’s past criminal history includes misdemeanor and felony traffic offenses as well as trafficking in prison contraband.

Brown was found by investigators about 4 Saturday morning at a Grant Street, Portland, house. He was returned to the Cumberland County Jail without incident.

It was the first time an inmate assigned to work release walked away from a job in nearly a year, according to the county sheriff’s department. The Cumberland County Community Corrections Center has approximately 50 inmates assigned to work details who are nearing the end of their sentence and trying to become integrated back into the community.

On average, 25 CCC inmates leave the facility every day to work at jobs throughout Cumberland County. The other 25 inmates are assigned to supervised community service daily within Cumberland County.