Jay sewer rates rise $25; new ordinance to go to voters


JAY — Selectmen voted Monday to set the annual sewer rate for 2010-11 at $315 per each unit, which is equivalent to a single residence. The new rate goes into effect on July 1, and is $25 more than the current rate of $290.

Selectmen, in their capacity as sewer trustees, made the decision after a public hearing.

The board had previously set the amount of sewer revenue needed from user fees for the new fiscal year at $356,000 in February.

“Over the past few weeks, we have gone street by street, house by house, account by account to revise the number of (public) sewer units,” Sewer Department Superintendent Mark Holt said in a memo to the board.

There are 1,145 sewer units and based on the abatement requests from the current billing year, he anticipates collecting sewer fees for 1,130 units, he said.

The board also voted to put a proposed new sewer ordinance to voters on June 8.


The current ordinance is12 pages and the proposed document, which is still considered a draft, is 67 pages, Holt said, after the selectmen’s meeting.

A lot of the ordinance deals with industry and industrial pre-treatment, he said.

One section deals with setting the sewer rate annually, which will now be part of the ordinance.

If the town goes to calculating sewer fees on a water use process, it won’t change the ordinance, he said.

The new proposal would also raise sewer connection fees. Currently a connection fee for a residence, multi-family apartment building and commercial building is $50. A residential connection fee will increase to $100 under the proposed ordinance.

Multi-residential apartment buildings, commercial and industrial connections would increase to $200, he said.

The new document also contains better definitions and more of them, he said.

A lot of things in the document are already day-to-day practices and now they will be included as part of the ordinance, Holt said.

It gives some justification to why things are done they way they are, he said.

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