Jay woman faces terrorizing charge


WILTON — A Jay woman was arrested Friday night on a charge of terrorizing with a firearm, Wilton Police Chief Heidi Wilcox said.

Molly Hinkel, 23, attempted to drive away from a residence in Wilton and others there didn’t think she was in a condition to drive, Wilcox said. Hinkel pulled out a firearm; no one was injured.

The firearm was removed by police, Wilcox said.

Hinkel also faces charges of driving under the influence and assault, the chief said.

Hinkel was released from the Franklin County Detention Center in Farmington on $1,000 cash bail Friday night.


  • FrankE

    These are the kind of people who make guns a four letter word. Responsible gun owners go out of their way to promote safety and just one nut case like this ruins it for everyone. I just hope that whatever she is eventually convicted on, she be banned from owning or possessing guns for life.