Jay woman goes through traffic light, strikes another vehicle in Farmington


FARMINGTON — A Jay woman was injured after her car went through a stop light and hit another another vehicle in front of Hannaford supermarket on Wilton Road on Wednesday.

Taylor Rand, 21, complained of chest pain and was transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital by NorthStar ambulance after the 12:03 p.m. crash.

Rand was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt toward Wilton when she sneezed and did not realize she had a red light, Farmington police officer Bridgette Gilbert said. She went through the light and struck a 1994 Toyota Camry driven by Jonathan Collinson, 62, of Farmington, who was attempting to turn toward Farmington from the grocery store lot, she said.

Collinson attempted to back up when he saw her coming, Gilbert said. He didn’t think she was going to stop.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Farmington Towing.

Along with NorthStar and Farmington police, members of Farmington Fire and Rescue helped at the scene.

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