Jesus Party to go high-tech


LEWISTON — The Jesus Party Pentecostal Kid’s Church is going high-tech in 2013. Ministry directors Rev. Doug and Sonia Taylor desire to stay relevant with the technology changes and the interests of the children they minister too.

The ministry has already abolished their door to door visitation in 2011 and has turned to Facebook for the majority of their weekly home visitations. The change has proven to be successful in that parents are able to see their children being instructed in the Bible, worshipping God and being prayed for through pictures and videos from behind the walls of the ministry.

The goal of the Taylors is to be as transparent as possible while working with the children. The Taylors believe that accountability and transparency leads to a safer environment for the youth.

The ministry has purchased a laptop computer that will hook up to the big screen TV, allowing the ministry to use YouTube as a modern day form of show and tell as well as instruct the youth through PowerPoint presentations.

The ministry has also acquired a digital camera and will send out digital versions of their ministry newsletter rather than snail mail. The ministry also will use Skype to allow special guests to send greetings and instruct the children while being in another location. This technology will also make it possible to receive and send out prayer requests to on-line prayer sites while the Jesus Party is in full motion.

The ministry started in 1994 in a basement of the Taylor’s Brault Street home and has evolved into urban youth outreach with its headquarters at 291 Bates St. For more information, call 786-5568 or email [email protected]