Jiu Jitsu competition set for Saturday


FARMINGTON – A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, The Black Fly, will begin at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Mt. Blue High School.

Approximately 150 competitors from New England, New York and Canada are expected to participate, said Noel Danforth of The Foundry Jiu Jitsu, the event sponsor.

“Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition is a sport where participants use leverage and timing to bring their opponent down to submission,” Danforth said.

While most martial arts take four years to earn a black belt, he said, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can take up to 10 years of practice four or five times a week. It can take years to perfect the leverage and timing required, he said.

It is not as rough and tumble as wrestling but more about the technique, as he explained how a 100-pound woman can topple someone twice her size.

Danforth said that in the last century a Japanese master, Maeda, traveled to Brazil to compete. He would challenge the local tough guy to support his travels through the competitions. Eventually, locals refined the moves to create the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu form of the martial art.

Danforth offers classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and judo at The Foundry Jiu Jitsu studio on Perham Street.

In a meet, competitors win by decision or submission, he said. A submission comes when a competitor taps his opponent or verbally says “tap, tap.”

“It’s all physics,” he said. “No other martial art offers the level of technical skill and mastery of physics necessary for the smallest person to overcome another regardless of size or strength.”

The competition is expected to continue all day Saturday, he said, and spectators are welcome. There is a small admission charge.

For more information, Danforth can be reached at 778-0485 or visit his web site at www.foundrybjj.com