K. Bellefleur: Government responsibility


Regarding the Sun Journal article Feb. 15 about the Coastal Enterprise Inc. five-unit housing project at 216 Main St., Auburn: As a member of the Planning Board, I did vote against that project.

While I understand the need for reporters to edit and paraphrase in their articles, I did not say that I do not believe in using public money for housing. I said that I do not believe in that project because it does not make financial sense. That project will result in a $500,000 loss to taxpayers on their investment.

Government needs to stop treating taxpayers’ money like it is an inexhaustible resource. I understand that this is just one project, but it will be a 40 percent loss to the taxpayers on their investment.

I understand that the money is a grant and needs to be used for that or a similar purpose. I understand that if we do not use that money, probably someone else will. But can we really afford to continue to make these kinds of choices?

In a community with more than 100 homes for sale between $100,000 and $150,000, I do not see the project as filling any kind of housing need in the community.

Government needs to be more responsible at a time when many are struggling and there is a huge federal deficit. We can do better and we should expect the government to treat our money far more responsibly.

Ken Bellefleur, Auburn