K. Christopoulos: Wanted: A positive governor


I am writing in opposition to current Gov. Paul LePage. He has made the state of Maine the laughingstock of the country.

From Day One of his administration, he was getting perks from both Maine and Florida, but said he was going to be totally transparent. He did just the opposite.

Then he had that mural taken from its place; made lame excuses for not attending a NAACP breakfast; and even called lawmakers “idiots.”

Who pays for all his trips in and out of state and the country (motels, food, etc.)? Who paid for the $50,000 race car logo, the $25,000 picture at the State House and the Maine “Open for Business” signs?

I want a governor who is positive, transparent and willing to work across the aisle, not a little boy who has a temper tantrum when he can’t get his way.

Ken Christopoulos, Jay