A. K. Murch: Making America strong again


If every member of Congress reduced his or her salary by $50,000, and the president by $200,000, the national debt could be reduced significantly. Members of Congress, and the president, would still be paid enough (with perks included) to live high off the hog.

To save this country, George Washington crossed a river in winter with his men, without proper clothing and boots. I don’t think the president or congressional members would do that now.

What I am suggesting is a smaller sacrifice than our first president and his patriots made to save the country. I cannot picture President Obama or any members of the current Congress in a boat, in shorts and sneakers, crossing the Potomac in the winter.

I am suggesting a very easy way for them to help save their country. Not only is this country in debt by trillions of dollars, but there are millions of people out of work and living off the remaining working taxpayers.

The nation should adopt a balanced budget — a way to control the money the public pays for people hired to run this country.

Obama has taken many expensive vacations, using Air Force One, that have cost the taxpayers millions, and more for unnecessary travel and expensive parties. When the taxpayers are told what to do and how much to pay, something is wrong.

Everyone in government, except the military, is overpaid.

An employer should tell his help what to do and pay only for success.

Albert K. Murch, Greene