What’s your Katie IQ?


1. Newspaper writers have used this five-letter word to describe Katie Couric nearly 200 times – and that’s just since January. What’s the word?

2. Which of the following men has Katie never dated?

TV producer Tom Werner

Smooth-jazz trumpeter Chris Botti

“Today” executive producer Jim Bell

Landscape painter Stephen Hannock

BXeer distributor Jimmy Reyes

3. Katie was raised Episcopalian, but her mother is …



Against religion

An ordained Methodist minister

4. What, according to Katie, happened every night at dinner when she was growing up?

Her dad made Katie and her siblings bring a new vocabulary word to the table every night.

She ate in front of the TV, watching the network news giants and mimicking their speech.

The child of a United Press news editor, Katie had to report the “news of the day” before she could have dessert.

The family had chicken. Every night. Which is why she won’t eat chicken today.

5. Katie has written two books for children. Their titles are (choose two):

“The Dance Recital”

“The Brand New Kid”

“Cory and the Substitute Teacher”

“Lily’s Blue Ribbon”

“The Blue Ribbon Day”

“My Pet Goat”

6. Katie graduated from the University of Virginia. She had a prominent role on campus – what was it?

Student government prez


Editor in chief of the campus paper

Instigator of the most famous senior prank in U.Va. history

7: Finish this statement by Katie. (She’s said something like this about a dozen times, and it’s still true.)

“I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours, and people would be calling in about …

… foreign policy.”

… yesterday’s weather forecast.”

… the blueberry mousse we made in the last segment.”

… my hair.”

8. Katie has two daughters. What are their names?

9. What did Katie do when she first signed on with NBC?

Pentagon correspondent

“Today” weather girl

College intern

“Today” news writer


1. Perky

2. “Today” executive producer Jim Bell

3. Jewish

4. Vocabulary word

6. “The Brand New Kid,” “The Blue Ribbon Day”

7. Cheerleader

8. my hair

9. Ellie and Carrie – Elinor Tully Monahan and Caroline Couric Monahan

10. Pentagon correspondent

-7 to 9 correct answers: Couric connoisseur

What? You even knew the one about her mother’s religion? You did well, but you’re creeping us out a little.

For Katie’s sake, back off a bit. Try taking a walk in the mornings. And, hey, pace yourself on Wednesday when Katie says goodbye to “Today.” Don’t get too emotional. Just remember: She’ll be back on TV in September.

-3 to 6 correct answers: “Today” buff

It’s true, isn’t it? You never set out to know a lot of trivial facts about Katie Couric. Heck, you’d like to know this much about your spouse. If only your spouse could give you three hours a day the way Katie has for 15 years.

-1 to 2 correct answers: Clueless about Katie

You, friend, are the person standing at Rockefeller Center with a sign that says “Love Your Show, Diane.”

Here’s a quick news update: The woman you’ll see on the CBS evening news in September? That’s Katie Couric. Now go back to your cartoons.