Keep voicing an opinion


It has been a little more than a month since Gov. Paul LePage received an anonymous letter that led him to make the decision to have the 11-panel mural moved out of the Department of Labor.

Does one anonymous letter rule?

Was that the Department of Business? People should think about that.

How many people want those paintings back, and how many oppose?

I have talked to a few Democrats and Republicans. So, here’s the question — how many people voted for LePage? Now, here’s a tough question — how many Republicans have asked the governor to put the mural back? Is LePage capable of changing his mind on that?

LePage has been quoted as making such statements as, “If you want the panels back, the next elected (Democratic) governor can put it back”; “Get over it”; “Kiss my butt”; and about the BPA bottles — “The worst . . . some women may have little beards.”

People must keep voicing their opinions and voting. That lets Augusta know that we care.

I never get tired of hearing what’s right for the people of Maine.

Gerard Cyr, Turner