Kennedy Park gazebo


I am extremely pleased that the Sun Journal has endorsed renewal of the gazebo in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park. For too long, the city of Lewiston has been guilty of deferred maintenance.

However, there must be some clarification of the history of the gazebo. The first picture in the editorial was the bandstand constructed in 1868, not the current structure. It was removed completely to a playground on Lincoln Street in 1925. The gazebo that was constructed in its place in 1925 is basically the current structure.

In 1972 the gazebo was renovated primarily with the decorative railing from the City Hall auditorium and with concrete blocks in place of the latticework around the base. However, the basic support pillars constructed of bricks and wood and the copper roof with gingerbread trim were retained from the 1925 bandstand.

It also should be clarified that the cupola was atop the 1868-1925 bandstand and the spire was on the structure built in 1925, and it remains today. Also, originally the current bandstand had an ornate decorative element on each side of the roof, but only one of them remains today.

It certainly is my hope that the gazebo can be restored before it is too late.

Douglas I. Hodgkin, Lewiston