Kents Hill School invites public to ski, visit campus


READFIELD — Area students and their families are invited to visit the O’Connor Alpine Ski Center of the Kents Hill School from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, during a Ski and Snowboard Jam.

Visitors are invited to bring ski and snowboarding equipment, including helmets, for competitive and noncompetitive races, and to meet the students and staff of the college preparatory school.

Music and food will be provided.

Visitors are also invited to return on Monday, or stay overnight in nearby lodging, so they can take part in Admissions Visit Day, when tours of the campus will be provided, and those attending can get to know the Kents Hill community.

To RSVP for Sunday’s event, call 685-1606. For directions to the ski center, log onto

For more information about Visit Day, log onto