Kingfield says it can meet bottler’s needs


KINGFIELD – Members of the Water District sent a letter Monday to Jeffrey Preble, an engineering consultant to Poland Spring Water Co. acknowledging the district’s ability to provide the bottling company 43,000 gallons of town water per day.

According to district consultant Jack McKee, the letter states the Kingfield Water District “has the capacity to provide the proposed Poland Spring Bottling Facility with up to 43,000 gallons per day of water for operation.”

“That’s process water – for drinking, cleaning, fire protection – it’s water they use just like anybody else would,” McKee explained.

McKee said Poland Spring probably will not use the entire amount allowed every day, but said even if the company did, the Water District has more than enough supply to cope, according to a report by water district hydrology consultant Keith Taylor.

Water District Chairman Robert Barnes said the town usually uses about 2.6 million gallons of water a month. If the proposed bottling plant uses all 43,000 gallons per day each month, the plant will be using about half again as much water as is being used now, but that amount will not overburden the Kingfield Water District, Barnes said. “We can handle it no problem,” he said.

Poland Spring submitted a permit application Monday to the town Code Enforcement Officer Doug Marble to build the proposed $100 million plant in town. Review of the application is expected to begin at next Monday’s Planning Board meeting.