Knight elected new chairwoman


LIVERMORE FALLS – Selectmen voted 3-0 to elect Jackie Knight as their new chairwoman Monday night.

There were two nominations on the table at their previous meeting, with current Chairwoman Julie Deschesnes nominated by Selectman Louise Chabot and Knight, who was nominated by Selectman Ernie Souther.

After there were no seconds to either nomination, board members tabled the decision to think about it.

Selectman David Lemire seconded Souther’s nomination of Knight at Monday’s meeting.

Deschesnes asked if she could second her nomination, and Knight asked if she could vote for herself.

Town Manager Martin Puckett said he reviewed the criteria for conflict on interest and found none.

When Deschesnes called for a vote, Knight, Souther and Lemire voted for Knight.

Deschesnes said there was no need to have a vote on her nomination. It is a five-member board.

When Deschesnes asked Knight if she wanted to take over, Knight said the former chairwoman could continue leading the meeting.

In other business, Puckett reviewed bids for a new gate at the transfer station. He said Double T Enterprises of Oxford was low bidder and planned to use a heavier gauge fencing than the other two bidders.

The company was awarded the contract for $4,250 before July 1, so the money would come out of last year’s fiscal budget, Puckett said. Selectmen had authorized Deschesnes and Puckett to review the bids and award the contract at their last meeting.

The other bidders were Pine Tree Fence Co. of Litchfield with a bid of $4,800, and Aroostook Fence Co. of Lewiston, which bid $5,295 for a longer gate than requested, Deschesnes.

The board also appointed Ken Jones as fire chief for two more years and Marvin Parker as assistant chief for the same amount of time. Members of the Fire Department elect the two positions and selectmen make the appointments, Puckett said.