Did you know? The most popular wedding flowers


According to TheKnot.com, a Web site catering to couples planning their weddings, roses reign supreme among wedding flowers. Long considered a symbol of love, roses often play an integral role on wedding days as well as holidays like Valentine’s Day or special events like a couple’s wedding anniversary.

Couples embrace roses on their wedding days not only to symbolize their love for one another, but also because roses are a versatile flower available in numerous solid colors and many bicolor varieties.

Tulips are another popular wedding flower. Also grown in a wide range of colors, tulips are often less expensive than roses, though rare varieties of tulips will cost brides- and grooms-to-be a significant amount of money.

Though less versatile than roses and tulips with regards to their color, calla lily flowers are another popular choice for weddings. Lily of the valley, hydrangeas, the peony, and ranunculus are also popular wedding flowers.

Though each type of flower is beautiful in its own way, costs can vary considerably depending on the type of flowers couples choose for their wedding, something cost-conscious couples should consider before visiting florists.