Lewiston-Auburn superintendents oppose bill to allow guns on school property


Top school officials in Lewiston and Auburn say they oppose a proposed law that would allow firearms on school property in Maine.

A bill to permit unloaded and locked guns on school grounds is before the Legislature’s education committee.

Superintendents Bill Webster of Lewiston and Katherine Grondin of Auburn spoke against the bill at a January public hearing in Augusta.

They joined four other superintendents, the Maine Superintendents Association and the Maine Principals Association in opposing LD 1761: An Act Regarding the Prohibition on the Possession of a Firearm on School Property.


A state gun control group announced Thursday it is planning a March 1 press conference at the State House Welcome Center, where parents, educators and students and others are invited to discuss their concerns about the bill.

Nick Wilson, executive director of the Maine Gun Safety Coalition, wrote in a news release Thursday that the Wednesday fatal shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, “was another tragic reminder that no community is immune to senseless gun violence.”

“We must maintain the bright line that prohibits weapons on school property,” Wilson wrote.

The bill was voted down in committee last year but reintroduced this year.

  • Is the school system going to be liable for injuries to students for failing to provide adequate protection? If a student died from a fire because the sprinkler system didn’t work you can bet there’d be a lawsuit. Who wants to take responsibility for that? Does anyone really believe that a nut is going to say, “I’d really love to shoot up that school…but guns aren’t allowed on the property. Guess I’ll have to go somewhere else.”

  • bd1949

    One wishes that school officials would look at reality and avoid the standard, knee jerk response that ignores the facts. Trying to prohibit or restrict guns on school property does not make anyone safer, just the opposite. Objective facts demonstrate that mass shootings are best stopped or limited when armed law abiding people are present to fight back. Police cannot arrive in time, as this recent tragedy shows. School resource officers are too few and outgunned with small magazine sidearms to weapons arsenals. If the hero football coach who sacrificed himself to protect students had been able to shoot the shooter, he would be alive and so would more of the other victims.