L. Gilbert Sr.: Best choices for the election


The word count and election letters rules limits the fact that I would like to write a letter for each of the following as the best choices for the coming election. Instead, my best choices are as follows:

• Governor: Eliot Cutler

• U.S. Senate: Susan Collins

• U.S. Congress: Emily Cain

• State Senate: Nathan Libby

• State Rep. Dist. 58: Michel Lajoie

• State Rep. Dist. 59 Margaret Rotundo

• State Rep. Dist. 60: Jared Golden

• State Rep Dist. 61: Heidi Brooks

• Judge of Probate: Elliott Epstein

• Register of Probate: Brian Bolduc

• Sheriff: Eric Samson or Raymond Lafrance

• District Attorney: Andrew Robinson

• County Commissioner Dist. 1: Elaine Makas

• County Commissioner Dist. 2: Thomas Reynolds

• County Commissioner Dist. 3: Joshua Klein-Golden

• State Referendum Question 1, Ban Baiting Bears: Yes

• State Bond Questions 2-7: Yes

• Lewiston Question 1, Repeal St. Laurent Housing: No

• Lewiston Question 2, Use of Marijuana: No

• Lewiston Ward 4, City Council: Shane Bouchard

Larry Gilbert Sr., Lewiston