L. Greaney: The tragedy of violence in America


Living in a small town in America may feel like living in a safe place. The residents of Newtown, Conn., felt that way until a mentally deranged killer acted on his anger.

People have witnessed the untamed violence in America and shudder to think that it could come to their towns, their streets, their homes, but the unthinkable is a possibility.

It is not all about guns. It is about a spectrum of social and criminal violence, mental instability and the absence of economic freedom.

Mental illness: How can real solutions be ensured, rather than a socio-political Band-Aid?

Violent individuals: Will justice ensure that violent individuals be confined in a way to protect the public?

Drug abuse and addiction: Will officials find methods to deal with the cause and effect of drug trafficking, use and addiction?

Gun control: Will politicians provide a modern interpretation of the Second Amendment?

Family unit and religious influences: Have so many Americans lost their way?

Media influences: Our children routinely immerse themselves in the act of viewing violent video games as a primary activity.

Constitutional rights for individuals: Will the rights of non-violent citizens be given the proper priority?

Available funding: Will the politicians begin to think and act like visionaries and problem-solvers rather than as obstacles to change?

Those are important questions. The public must insist that politicians and law enforcement agencies take action and measure the results.

Len Greaney, Rumford Center