L. Hoy: Liberal dream is within reach


What shall we make of the most recent spasm of gun control hysteria? How shall we understand it?

A discussion about violence and depravity in both individuals and culture should include an investigation into the weaponry involved in mass killings. As such, the role of guns in crime and culture presents itself as a legitimate area for consideration. The vice president’s interviews with mental health advocates, NRA reps, video gamers and Hollywood-types struck me as solid basis for comprehensive review.

Based on outcomes, however, the VP’s broad discussions only served as a smokescreen for advancing the left’s one supreme interest: gun control and erosion of the Second Amendment.

Reducing “gun violence” forms the alleged purpose of the proposed series of executive actions and legislation. But not one single item nor all taken together could have prevented any recent mass shooting. “Controlling” the access which law-abiding citizens have to guns has not worked historically to reduce crime. Both Chicago and DC’s stringent gun control measures have only led to soaring violent crime rates.

The most recent spasm of gun control hysteria has two virtues for liberals: Doing something, anything, in the name of gun control helps them feel better about themselves — like pointlessly posting “Gun Free Zone” signs on school grounds. These proposals also serve to strip citizens of constitutionally-protected, personal freedoms, always a goal of Big State advocates.

The liberal dream of a docile, unarmed and government-dependent citizenry must seem just within the president’s grasp.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood