L. Hoy: Take it back to square one


Back to square one on health care reform? The Feb. 26 Sun Journal editorial made it sound like that is a bad thing.

Square one was when the country enjoyed a superb, if expensive, health care system.

Square one was before we swallowed the bogus findings of an ideologically skewed United Nations survey of world health care systems which declared the United States no higher than 35th.

Square one was before President Barack Obama shamelessly vilified doctors as unnecessarily amputating limbs for increased profit margins.

Square one was before politicians recklessly demonized private hospitals and insurance companies.

Square One represents that place from which health care reform can get a fresh start.

A fresh start should acknowledge, at the outset, that the U.S. has a marvelous health care system. Not perfect and, yes, quite pricey, but magnificent nonetheless.

A fresh start could first protect and enhance the many positive aspects of the health care system and then initiate sound correctives for what ails it.

When we failed to properly value our health care system, we got ObamaCare.

A fresh start should openly acknowledge that health care will have to be rationed. That’s reality. Unless you are a member of the political, financial or entertainment elite in this country, all of us will face rationing issues at the limits of what’s possible.

We should also acknowledge that we can’t create a perfect system.

Once back to square one, a real good health care system can be made better, not destroyed.

Lenny Hoy, Greenwood