L. Picker: Support the ‘Keep Me Home’ initiative


Most politicians in Maine talk about paying attention to the needs of the growing elderly population. Speaker of the House Mark Eves has proposed a specific plan to address some of those challenges.

Speaker Eves’ “Keep Me Home” initiative proposes creating energy efficient apartments for the elderly in 40 locations throughout the state, increasing property tax relief for older adults and adjusting the Medicare reimbursement rates for in-home care workers.

As a volunteer for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service Senior Companion Program, I can attest to the fact that older Mainers want to remain as independent as possible for as long as they can and not become a burden to their families. They want to age in place and have a secure home. Senior citizens are experts at juggling their resources to make them go as far as they can.

That is why I am urging all the state representatives and senators who will be going to Augusta in December to keep the needs of their constituents in mind and support Speaker Eves in his effort to help seniors.

Bipartisan support for the “Keep Me Home ” initiative would be a good place to start.

Leelaine Picker, Sabattus