L. and R. Turner: Help Maine’s farms


My husband and I run a vegetable farm in Freeport. We are writing in support of a “yes” vote for Maine Question 2,  an $8-million bond for a new diagnostic lab at the University of Maine that would be a great way to help farms.

The existing lab is so small that if they need to do a postmortem on a cow or a moose they need to cut it up outside because it won’t fit into the building.

The new lab would be able to diagnose diseases in plants and animals for the farming, forestry, fishing and recreation industries.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democratic Senate President Alfond worked together to make this a standalone bond in hopes that it will pass. Voters have a chance to ratify their bipartisanship.

Passage of Question 2 will help Maine’s natural resource-based industries.

Lisa and Ralph Turner, Freeport