Labs donate treatment to disabled, elderly


Dear Sun Spots: This is in response to the woman in the June 29 column who is looking for a dentist for her mom who is on MaineCare:

I, too, am on the MaineCare program and have been told repeatedly that MaineCare does not cover dental work for anyone over the age of 18. I have also spent several months trying to argue the point of preventive dental care to the state and have gotten nowhere. – No Name, No Town.

Might you and our writer in the June 29 column consider the following posted online at

The Maine Donated Dental Services, a program of the Maine Dental Association and the Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, operates with volunteer dentists and labs donate treatment and labwork to disabled and elderly people.

For more information about this service, contact Maine Donated Dental Services at 725-9193 or the Area Agency on Aging toll free at 1-877-353-3771.

In addition, Senior Dent provides dental care at reduced fees.

Maine residents who are age 62 or over, have no dental benefits under MaineCare or private insurance plan, and meet income guidelines are eligible. They will receive a minimum 15 percent discount on all dental services from participating dentists.

For a listing of participating dentists, contact the Area Agency on Aging in your area toll free at 1-877-353-3771.

Dear Sun Spots: I am a longtime reader but first-time writer.

I hear you are really good at finding out information which is difficult to obtain so I really hope you can please help me out.

I am 31 years old. I had a 34-year-old brother who died of cancer in 2005.

I am trying to do something for his oldest son in my brother’s memory.

My brother had a favorite rock band; Danzig, the lead singer and founder is Glen Danzig.

I would like to ask you to please work your magic and find Glen Danzig’s address or phone number so that I might request an autograph to give to my nephew in my brother’s honor.

Thank you for any information you might be able to locate. – Steven Perrault, Rumford.

Answer: Sun Spots is very sorry for your loss, Steven, and what a wonderful thing to do for your nephew.

Try contacting Danzig through his fan mail address at Glenn Danzig, P.O. Box 1813, Hollywood, CA 90078.

You might also be interested in noting that according to Verotik’s Web site,, it released Danzig’s short story “Drukija, Contessa of Blood” in June.

To reserve or purchase your copy contact Verotik, P.O. Box 1813, Hollywood, CA. 90078.

Dear Sun Spots: Several months ago a lady was inquiring about absorbent towels. I have a tip I’d like to share with her and other readers:

No matter how much you spend on towels they will not be absorbent if you use a Downey fabric softener.

You can test this if you try to dry a dish that has been washed in softener, and see that instead of drying the dish, you see a wet streak. Or you can’t get dry after a shower with a towel that has been washed with in it.

I do not know if other softeners do the same, but Downey absolutely renders towels useless for the purpose they were intended….to absorb. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots believes anyone using a softener will discover this and gave up using softener herself for that same reason.

Another good tip, is to remove your towels from the washer and let them air dry on the line outside.

It makes for a kind of rougher towel, but is very absorbent and the user is also treated to the scent of fresh air.

In addition, with these wonderful breezy days it’s a prime time to save on your electricity and let Mother Nature take care of this.

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