Lack of support is not funny


On March 21, my friend and I attended the Bob Marley Show that was held at the Edward Little High School gymnasium. The show was a major fundraiser for the class of 2010 Project Graduation.

I was shocked by the lack of support shown for that fundraiser. I am a 20-year-plus fan of Marley and have seen him numerous times. If there were 100 people in that gym, I would be surprised. I am also an EL graduate and wanted to support my alma mater.

Someone said there are 312 students in the class of 2010. My question: Where were all the students and families? It’s not every year you get a a quality, home-grown entertainer such as Marley in town to do any show, never mind a Project Graduation.

I know times are tough, but for $15 the public could have supported a worthy event and had a belly-busting laugh on a Sunday night ā€” not a bad way to start Monday morning.

Deb Heroux, Lewiston