Ladies, keep your shirts on


This letter is for all women striving for the same rights as men, namely, those who insist on holding topless marches, promoting public indecency.

Fortunately for you, Maine’s “great” laws do not prohibit this. I, for one, don’t care to have a slew of topless women marching in full view of my young children. If they feel the undying need to strip in front of crowds, get a job at a topless doughnut shop. At least they would be getting paid, rather than offering a free viewing. Why nonchalantly expose yourselves to perverts and children?

These partial nudists should have designated areas where they can go without the fear of predators lurking on the side lines.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe a woman can do almost anything a man can.

When I get a flat, I change it myself. I carry my own groceries, and move heavy furniture myself. But, I do it with my clothes on. How would any of these woman feel if I marched past their houses topless? Would they invite me in for tea? Join me for a jog? Let me hang out (literally) with their children.

How about delivering lunch to their husbands after I have removed my shirt and bra? I am sure it won’t stop here. Why not argue to use the men’s restroom, simply because men can. Heck, stand up to pee if you want. Just keep your shirt on.

Autumn Merritt,  Auburn