LAFF announces first accepted films


LEWISTON-AUBURN — Lewiston Auburn Film Festival organizers have released the names of the first round of accepted films to the 2013 festival which takes place in April at various venues in the Lewiston-Auburn area. LAFF accepts films in three categories: shorts, feature length and documentary. LAFF is proud to present the following shorts, featuring many well-known names, most of which are either Maine or U.S. premieres:

“Admissions” (California): Academy Award nominee James Cromwell (“L.A. Confidential,” “The Green Mile,” “W.”) stars, telling a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace. Featuring an Israeli couple and a Palestinian, this modern parable is set in the Admissions Room for the afterlife. Maine premiere.

“The Procession” (California): From Oscar-nominated Director Robert Festinger and starring Lily Tomlin (“Nashville,” “9 to 5,” “All of Me”) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”), “The Procession” is a dark comedy following a pair guilt-tripped into attending the funeral of a friend of a friend whom they’ve never met. Maine premiere.

“Howard” (California): Actor Shia LaBeouf (“Transformers,” “Lawless,” “Disturbia”) went behind the camera to direct this short film, offering his own quirky critique of film critics. Comedian Jim Gaffigan stars as Howard Cantour, a film critic living vicariously through movies, and his struggle in having to review his film hero’s movie. Maine premiere.

“Good Men” (California): Stars Emmy Award winner Ed Asner (“Elf,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”) and Mark Rydell. Two elderly men, long-time friends and business colleagues, get into an argument over the Holocaust, the proposed mosque at ground zero and the conspiracy allegations surrounding the 9/11 attacks on The World Trade Center. Maine premiere.

“The Perfect Picture” (Maine): Jay High School and Southern Maine Community College graduate Director/Writer Jonathan Gilbert tells the story of a young boy who copes with brutal abuse and bullying by taking pictures with an old Polaroid camera. At the denouement, one photograph intricately reveals what the boy has been yearning for all along.

“Partly Cloudy” (Ireland): Fiona is dealing with the trials of being bridesmaid to her demanding sister Gillian. Even with support from her two best friends Doc and Damien, the stress is about to take its toll. U.S. premiere.

“There She Goes” (U.K.): Heartbroken Jasper races to the airport to stop the girl of his dreams from leaving and just makes the last train. As Jasper talks to a stranger, played by Colin Salmon (“Resident Evil,” “Alien vs. Predator”), about this romantic gesture, doubts about what he’s doing start to grow. U.S. premiere.

For a longer movie viewing experience, LAFF is happy to welcome the following features:

“The Admin Effect” (Maine): A group of recent Oak Hill High School graduates turn their school project into a full-length feature film about a menacing principal trying to brainwash the students to take over the world and the two students who set out to stop him.

“Matches” (New Hampshire): Visualizing the small moments in the lives of five characters of varying ages, “Matches” follows the unusual pairing of two characters on a road trip intersected with a family searching for unity and joy. Each character, overcoming a loss of some kind, makes choices as they reevaluate their views on family, identity and independence. Maine premiere.

“The Final Shift” (Massachusetts): The tranquil haven of AL’s Diner is thrown into chaos when a callow gang enters with a duffel bag of invaluable contents.

Lastly, LAFF is honored to reveal the following documentaries, both Maine premieres:

“Lady Who Missed Her Train” (New York): A woman who missed her Metro North train into the city on September 11th because of a dispute over a cup of coffee reflects back on that fateful day. Maine premiere.

“My Father and The Man in Black” (Canada): “Before there was Johnny and June, there was Johnny and Saul.” This film presents the untold story of “bad boy” Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for clues to his father’s suicide in the shadow of a legend. Maine premiere.

The Lewiston Auburn Film Festival will take place from Thursday, April 4 through 7. Thursday will soft open the festival with an art opening and book signing with TV personality “Survivorman” Les Stroud. Friday officially kicks off the festival weekend with opening ceremonies and the world premiere of “The Peloton Project.” Saturday and Sunday moviegoers can get their fill of film viewing as venues all across Lewiston-Auburn turn their spaces into movie theaters for a day. Saturday night will culminate with a gala dinner and awards ceremony followed by an after party and concert featuring Survivorman’s band, Les Stroud and The Campfire Kings. VIP ticket holders will enjoy a Sunday brunch at Fishbones before heading out to finish the weekend with even more film-viewing fun. Ticket prices, times and locations and are available at