Lakes group buys Brackett facility


AUBURN — The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program has purchased the Woodbury Brackett Environmental Center in Auburn.

The Brackett Center was established in 2003 in the former home of Woodbury and Barbara Brackett. Barbara Brackett bequeathed her home and grounds to the Auburn Water District, with the provision that the property be used for the purposes of protecting the environment. The program has leased the property since then, and the new owners will continue to honor the vision of Barbara Brackett.

The lake monitoring program is a grassroots nonprofit organization that trains volunteers from around Maine to monitor the health of their lakes. Located on the shore of Lake Auburn, it has been developing the Brackett Center into a comprehensive facility that focuses on all aspects of Maine lakes, including volunteer monitoring, environmental education and research, public outreach and the demonstration of conservation practices that landowners can use to protect lake water quality.

The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program is the largest provider of lake data in the state. Volunteers are trained to monitor lake water quality and to screen lakes and ponds for invasive plants, such as variable-water milfoil.

For more information about the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, visit the organization’s website: