Last defendant pleads guilty in camp burglaries


PARIS — A 21-year-old woman admitted to several counts related to a destructive 2008 burglary spree, concluding the pleas in the matter.

Jessica Gill, of 12 Ada Avenue in Peru, was indicted in December of 2008 on 93 criminal counts charging arson, armed burglary, burglary, burglary of a motor vehicle, theft, criminal mischief, aggravated criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools. She pleaded guilty Friday in Oxford County Superior Court to five counts each of burglary, armed burglary and theft.

Gill was ordered to serve nine months of an eight-year prison sentence with three years of probation on the armed burglary charges. She was given a consecutive, fully suspended three-year prison sentence with three years of probation on the other charges. During probation, Gill must not use or possess illegal drugs; submit to random searches; attend substance abuse counseling; and have no contact with the victims or three of her four co-defendants.

The charges relate to a crime spree in June and July of 2008 that seriously damaged over 20 camps in Byron, Canton, Peru, Sumner and Woodstock. Several items, including firearms, were stolen and the camps were vandalized by the emptying of fire extinguishers and other methods. One camp belonging to a Rhode Island couple was burned.

The court also charged Shawn A. Arsenault, 21, of Peru with 93 counts; Nicholas D. Haskell, 24, of Peru with eight counts; KC Moro, 22, of Dixfield with 81 counts; and Matthew Moscillo, 22, of Canton with 28 counts.

Arsenault, Moro, and Moscillo all entered pleas at a single court session in March. Arsenault pleaded guilty to five counts of armed burglary, 20 counts of burglary, and seven counts of theft. Moro pleaded guilty to one count of arson, four counts of armed burglary, 18 counts of burglary and six counts of theft. Moscillo pleaded no contest to five counts of armed burglary, seven counts of burglary, eight counts of theft, five counts of criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated criminal mischief.

Camp owners decried the burglaries saying they stole or destroyed items of sentimental value and shattered their sense of security. Steven Myles, whose 77-year-old parents own a camp on Concord Pond in Woodstock, wrote that they had not been willing to sleep overnight there since the vandalism.

“After working so hard their whole life, I am saddened to think that in retirement they no longer could enjoy their camp,” Myles said in a letter.

“Their mindset was not to steal property, but to destroy anything in the path of their tirade,” said Bonnie Mardosa and Marty Thorne, owners of a camp on Garland Pond in Byron, in a letter to the court. “What would they have done if we would have been sleeping upstairs? Moreover, they stole all of the residents’ peace of mind.”

Arsenault was sentenced to serve three years of a 12-year prison sentence and four years of probation on the armed burglary charges. Moro and Moscillo were both sentenced to serve 30 months of a 12-year sentence and four years of probation. All three were also given a fully-suspended three-year prison sentence with four years of probation on the lesser charges.

Haskell pleaded guilty in September to three counts of burglary and two counts of theft. He was sentenced to three months in jail and four years of probation and ordered to pay $14,600 in restitution to the camp owners or their insurance companies.

Arsenault’s restitution requirement came to $38,693 and Moro and Moscillo were ordered to pay $38,504 and $21,931, respectively. The court ordered Gill to pay $35,058.93, of which she must pay $5,000 individually. The remainder of that amount must be paid jointly by Gill, Arsenault and Moscillo.

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