Last game of the season at Elm Street


The Elm Street School Wildcats varsity basketball team played their last game of the season on Wednesday, February 8, against St. John’s Academy. The whole team consists of eighth graders except for one seventh grade girl, Michaela Chasse. The eighth grade team consists of: Lindsey Kasik, Kelly Bickford, Brittany Michaud, Abby Proctor, Stephanie Tuell, Heather Johnson, Natasha Piirainen, Sam St. Pierre and Maria Lundberg.

All the girls had a wonderful time at their very last game. In fact, every single person on the team scored at least once, and they won! They ran one last team suicide at the end of the game.

One of the eighth grade students will not be going to Poland Regional High School next year. The team will miss her.

Coach Edward Piirainen enjoyed the season. Good luck to them next year in high school, and good luck to the only remaining veteran, Michaela Chasse.