Last suspect in McDonald’s robbery caught


AUBURN – A final suspect was arrested Friday in connection with a robbery at McDonald’s on Center Street last month.

Police and federal agents tracked down 24-year-old Kristopher Dahlquist at the Blue Roof Inn in Kittery after receiving information he was hiding out there.

Dahlquist, one of four suspects accused in the heist, was captured by Auburn police and agents from the Central and Southern Maine Violent Crime task forces. He had been identified in a warrant as one of the robbers who entered the McDonald’s armed with baseball bats. Early Friday morning, police and federal agents began watching the motel where Dahlquist was said to be staying. Once it was confirmed he was inside the building, an arrest team moved in and captured him without resistance.

Also arrested was Dahlquist’s girlfriend, 19-year-old Serena Robinson, who was charged with hindering apprehension and violating bail. Police said Robinson tried to interfere with the capture of Dahlquist.

Police said Dahlquist had a stolen car when he was caught.

The Friday arrest ends nearly a monthlong search for suspects in the robbery, during which suspects forced McDonald’s employees into a back room before making off with an undisclosed amount of money from the business’ safe. The other three suspects were rounded up one by one as police investigated.

Dahlquist was recently indicted by the Androscoggin County grand jury along with Daniel Duhamel, Amy Folsom and Andrew Gage in connection with the heist.

A surveillance tape showed Gage, a McDonald’s employee, letting Dahlquist and Duhamel into the restaurant, police said.

The 19-year-old Lewiston man was arrested less than a week after the robbery, followed by Duhamel, who went to his attorney’s office before agreeing to surrender to police.

Folsom, Gage’s sister and Duhamel’s girlfriend, played a role in the robbery by calling in a bomb threat at a local hotel in an effort to divert police attention, said Detective Jason Moore. Folsom reached an automated attendant and left a message, he said.