Lawmakers must cut spending


It is amazing that when I heard “no more new taxes,” I almost believed it.


Our elected, and I stress “elected,” officials in Augusta have found a new item to tax. Those who have a satellite dish such as for Direct TV or Dish, should check their bills. Starting in January 2006, there is a charge of $1.75 or more reflecting the new tax on free air-wave transmissions.

What will be next, taxes on transistor radios, MP3 players, downloading music or cell phones? (That was a mistake. Cross off cell phones – more than 80 percent of our elected officials use them.)

What part of “no new taxes” do they not understand? Will it ever end? (Sure.)

If those who come up with these new taxes spent as much time cutting spending instead of finding new taxes, the taxpayers of this state would be far better off.

As voting season opens this year, voters should all keep thoughts like that in mind, at both city and state levels.

William A. Ferentz, Lewiston