Leadership Team aims to make transition easier for students


LIVERMORE FALLS — Four subcommittees have been established to help create a cohesive, harmonious atmosphere for Spruce Mountain High School students when they share one campus later this year.

Maria Reir, co-chairwoman of the Leadership Team, announced the subcommittees at Thursday night’s RSU 73 board meeting.

Teachers and other staff of the Leadership Team at the two Spruce Mountain High Schools here and in Jay have been meeting twice a month to try to pull the former Jay High School and Livermore Falls High Schools together academically and culturally.

The 12-member Leadership Team was supplemented by another dozen staff members who stepped up to work on the subcommittees, Reir said.

Those subcommittees are for:

* Standards-based progress measurement, which aims to work toward a state-mandated report card system by 2017. It uses proficiency in the academic fields rather than letters or numbers for grading a student’s work;

* School practices, which includes such things as handbooks for use by all high school students;

* Class scheduling, which Reir said may require a change in the current block classes; and

* School culture, which is the broad-based atmosphere, or way things are done at each campus.

“We want to help the south and north campuses meet,” Reir said.

RSU 73 will soon begin a $1.8 million project to reconfigure sections of Jay high and middle schools and the Jay Community Center to house all 500 high school students by late summer.

The Leadership Team meets at 2:45 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays at either school.

Livermore board member Tim Madden is a board appointee to the Leadership Team, and Jay board member Vicki McLeod was appointed as alternate Thursday.

“Board members are always welcome,” Reir said.