Leading by example


I assume the Sun Journal article on the new robot airplane “reaper” (July 16) was meant to cheer up the war-weary public. I found the image of its controllers, sitting comfortably in Nevada, raining death, destruction and, dare I say, terror on human beings 7,000 miles away to be particularly disturbing.

I guess to them, it’s just another video game – flying an imaginary aircraft with a clever name. No real connection to the carnage. Finish the game; have supper.

What have we become as a nation? We lead the world in the creation of weapons of mass destruction. It’s our leading industry and export. We pour our resources into the development of more destructive weapons systems, and live in fear that someone else will use what we developed against us.

What a legacy. What hypocrisy. We lead by the example of our actions.

Our grand words such as “spreading freedom” are meaningless.

Is it any wonder this nation is more and more hated in the world community?

Terror begets terror, simple as that.

We should be ashamed of what we are letting our so-called “leaders” do in our names.

Noel Smith, Auburn