Leave the flags there


The article “Veterans turn Turner lawn into ‘healing field.'” (July 10) should have been called a “lawn of disgrace.”

Flags should not be removed from the graves of veterans. They are placed to show respect for those who fought for our freedom and our rights. Do we have less respect for them now that they have passed away, so we take something that was given to them?

My father, a Vietnam veteran, passed away in March. I would be appalled if the cemetery where I laid him to rest took the flag put there for him and gave it to someone else. Leave the flags where they should be. I try to keep a flag on my dad’s grave, and have already had to replace it a few times since March.

I am not the only one who feels that was a disgrace. When the rest of my brothers and my sister saw the article, they were appalled. My aunts and my uncles also believe the same way.

People pay for cemetery lots, and once flags are put there, they should belong to the person who owns the lot. If others take them, then I believe they are stealing them.

Have they thought about that?

Carolee Taylor, Lewiston