Don’t let it happen to Rangeley


I am very concerned that a company is looking to build a bulk propane storage tank in Rangeley, just outside the center of town.

Rangeley is a very special place. Its tradition and character should never be compromised by any large industrial facility anywhere near town or the main, well-travelled routes. Imagine the day when Rangeley loses its great rural character to industrial development along its main road.

It always begins with the first attempt to do something; then, if that is allowed, it serves to set precedent and others follow. That kind of development has to be stopped before it begins. When I visualize Rangeley, I do not want to see a large bulk propane storage tank.

I urge town officials to view Rangeley as a village district, a district that will preserve the beauty of what Rangeley represents. That should exclude any industrial-type development in Rangeley proper, and provide certain zoning restrictions that define acceptable uses within the village district.

Until that happens, town officials should not allow any industrial development anywhere near the center of town, and especially not anywhere near Main Street.

Besides the impact on the culture of Rangeley are the safety and environmental issues that are involved in the application. If a company wants to build a large bulk propane storage facility, it should do this far outside of the village of Rangeley and in an isolated protected area, away from the public’s eye.

Brad White, Oquossoc