Letter from your Chamber administrator


I’d like to speak briefly on the importance of membership with the Chamber. We all need to be membership-oriented; take advantage of the networking opportunities that we have through the Chamber and utilize that to help our businesses grow and prosper. The strength in the future for the Chamber is, and always has been, our membership. We should be known as the voice and leader in business, networking and tourism in our communities. This can only be done with a strong membership.

The board of directors appreciates all the support this Chamber has received over the years from businesses and organizations in our 10 town communities that understand the importance of having an organization that works in multiple ways to promote the area and increase the opportunities for a successful economic environment. The Chamber is not an economic development corporation, but nonetheless, supports new business and encourages established ones to work toward improving themselves and networking with others to make our communities whole.

Our Chamber, which is your Chamber, works in partnership with dynamic organizations like the River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition, SCORE, AVCOG, River Valley Growth Council, the Maine Tourism Council and others to provide services needed to survive and thrive in a sometimes up and down economy. The Chamber is geared towards providing information through these organizations and through our office at 10 Bridge St. and the Information Center as well.

Is the Chamber geared toward tourism? The answer is yes, but you need to understand that by supporting tourism, we also are supporting your business membership and providing an environment for you to take advantage of seasonal revenue that might not be available if we did not encourage people to come and visit our communities. Byproducts of this kind of promoting are the dozens and dozens of calls we receive each year at the office requesting re-location packages, for both businesses and people who are coming here to work, or just moving to the area because they want to live in a more wholesome and healthy part of the country.

So, you see that we are many things to many people.

My point in all of this is to show that your business has a constant friend in the Chamber, where you can find people who are waiting to serve you, and anxious to search for an answer to your needs. Team work is the name of this game.

You are a part of the Chamber of Commerce that has over 100 members, and we are aware that each member has his/her own specific list of needs. We will continue to make every attempt to meet those needs and if we cannot, then we’ll find one of our partners who can.

Remember that the Chamber is only as strong as its member’s interest in it.

Peter Perry, Chamber Administrator

River Valley Chamber of Commerce

10 Bridge St.

Rumford, Me. 04276