On behalf of all the KORA Shrine Nobles, welcome to KORA and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us at the 4th Annual “FEZtival of Trees”. We appreciate your being here.

When you arrive, come into our Dinning Hall on the 1st floor where you will find the Craft Fair which features may local crafters and they have worked very hard to provide a variety of items you will not find anywhere else. There is also a food court where you can sit and enjoy some of our delicious treats.

The Kora ceremonial hall will be overflowing with beautifully decorated Christmas Trees and other Holiday decorations. Local businesses and groups donate all of the trees. Any of these trees can be yours. Drop a ticket into the Candy Cane in front of your favorite tree, or trees, and on Saturday, November 28th, we will randomly draw one of these tickets and if it is yours, you may get the phone call you are waiting for. There will be special holiday music and Santa will be on hand for pictures. For those who may need assistance, we have an elevator available to help you from our parking lot to all the floors inside KORA.


Thank you for taking the time and visiting Kora’s “FEZtival of Trees”. The FEZtival committee has been hard at work to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone and we hope you enjoy it and come back and see us next year.

Happy Holidays,

Karl H. Finnimore
Illustrious Potentate – 2009

  • Steve Robinson

    VOTE NO on MIDDLE SCHOOL Expansion for RSU16; Nov 7, 2017

    I will be voting no on Middle expansion at this time. It is not because I do not support the school or even support the elimination of our portable classrooms and improved entrance security for high school and middle school. It is because of 3 reasons:
    1) Bad timing. We need to delay any spending for effectively 1 fiscal year ( really 3 months) waiting for .16 mil rate debt on books today to roll off. So that
    the average mil increase for life of the bond would not be $40 on 100K home, but $24 in Poland, $53 in McFall’s, and $47 in Minot.
    2) Spending $893,000 in office renovations, covered walkway, and shared entry costs. Say nothing that the renovations offices means an additional 2 classrooms to expansion that I estimate to be a cost of min. $400,000 to the bill of $2.6M for addition. So over $1.2m for single entrance is too much money. Could easily do something for a lot less.
    3) The principal of $ 5.7M with an added interest of $1.446M over a 15 yr. bond totaling $7.2M is too much money for our towns to afford. We already see yearly increases for the RSU16 operational budgets. This would apply greater pressure on the cost of education which would likely negatively impact our kids in the classroom. Which none of us want !!

    Making minor tweaks to timing and design could bring the costs down over 1.2M overall. With .16 rolling off our tax rate from current debt payments and a 20% reduction in total cost would make Poland mil increase to today’s tax rate of approximately a 16 mil increase ( $16/100K home); Instead of .40 mil ( $40/100k home). more than half the impact!