Lewiston and Auburn — two cities


Now that the voting on the proposed merger of Lewiston and Auburn is over and the One LA side lost resoundingly, I am wondering if the people behind the merger effort have learned that the majority of the people in Lewiston and Auburn do not want one city? The majority of residents in the two cities want things just the way they have been and to leave things alone.

One LA folks spent a lot of money, and for what? To learn that most people here are happy the way things are but, as I remember, there was an earlier attempt to merge the cities.

Please, leave things alone.

Judy Baird, Lewiston

  • Paul Spencer / Lewiston

    The elitists, especially of Lewiston, that spent so much time and money to tell the peons of the twin cities what was best for them blew up in their faces. Where it took the elitists weeks and months to come up with what the twin cities should be called I believe at the next election we should have a vote to change the city of Lewiston to, here are a quick three, that took about a minute to come up with, that reflect what people think about Lewiston.

    1. Clueleston, very apropos
    2. Welfare City, known up and down the east coast as the Welfare City with over 40% of its
    35,000+ residents on entitlements and welfare while the working peons of the city are
    forced to support them with federal, state and their local tax dollars.
    3. Somaliton, Lewiston made the national news again recently regarding its Muslim presents. Let’s
    further welcome them and build their self-esteem and rename Lewiston to honor them