Lewiston couple charged with felony meth trafficking


LEWISTON — A local woman charged with drug trafficking after a raid on what police called her methamphetamine lab appeared in court Wednesday.

A judge set cash bail at $500 for Ethel Hallock, 51, of 212 Pond Road. If she were to post bail, conditions of her release would include no possession or use of illegal drugs and she would be subject to random searches and testing.

Hallock appeared in 8th District Court on Wednesday afternoon.

Mark Theriault, 45, also was arrested with Hallock on Tuesday at their home. He posted $5,000 cash bail and was released from Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn.

A drug agent from the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency on Monday had noticed the couple had made significant purchases of pseudoephedrine.

Supervising special agent Matt Cashman and special agent Tyler Michaud went to the Pond Road home Monday night. They talked to Hallock, who said she used methamphetamine and bought pseudoephedrine to give to Theriault so that he could make meth at their home where it had been made before, according to a sworn affidavit signed by Michaud.

Another agent had interviewed Theriault, who admitted that he made meth using a so-called “one-pot” method at his home. He said he routinely burned all of the leftover material in his yard afterward.

Hallock was arrested at the home. Agents executed a search warrant on the home Monday night and found in the basement some of the gear used to make the drug. Agents evacuated the building and secured the area.

When Theriault arrived home from working in Bath early Tuesday morning, he was arrested and taken to jail.

The MDEA’s specialized Clandestine Laboratory Response Team went to the home and processed the scene, during which it found two containers used to cook meth.

As much as one gram of the drug was found in the home.

Men in chemical suits had spread materials on a table and on the ground behind the house. The place was surrounded by police tape, setting it apart from the cluster of modest residential homes on the busy street.

Hallock’s elderly mother lived with her on the first floor of the building. Hallock’s daughter, her daughter’s girlfriend and three children lived on the second floor. When agents arrived at the home, one of the children was on the first floor.

Hallock and Theriault were charged with unlawful trafficking of a scheduled drug, a Class B felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

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