Lewiston High graduates 15 in August ceremony


LEWISTON — Lewiston High School’s Class of 2015 grew by 15 Tuesday night in a special late-summer graduation.

Lewiston School Department holds a second graduation in August, a tradition started by former Principal Gus LeBlanc, to allow seniors who need a little more time to fulfill their graduation requirements.

“Some were missing credits and had to make up a class,” Principal Shawn Chabot said Wednesday. “They had different circumstances in which they were unable to complete their requirements” by June. “That’s OK. Some things take me longer.”

To earn their diplomas, some students took online courses or attended summer school. Each had a specific list of work they needed to complete, Chabot said.

“Lots of people give up when a door gets shut,” Chabot said. “These kids didn’t give up. They’ve showed a lot of fortitude.”

The high school’s motto is “time and support,” he said.

“Students are individuals,” he said. “Every person learns at a different rate.”

The summer program gives students an opportunity, Chabot said.

Tuesday night’s graduation was a full-blown, albeit smaller, ceremony at the high school.

Students marched in caps and gowns. “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Parents and friends snapped photos. There were speeches. High school aspirations director Doug Dumont delivered the keynote. Another speech was given by Superintendent Bill Webster.

In addition to family and friends, school administrators and local officials, members of the Lewiston legislative delegation attended.

Students who graduated Tuesday night were Abdulkadir Abdulle, Shaquine Baker, Victoria Desjardins, Marissa Green, Brie Dustin, Brianna Ayres, Adam Larrabee, Jacob Ouellette, Austin Greeley, Kayla Murray, Tyler Cook, Michael Harrington, Deven Samson, Ryan Skillins and Anna Maria Cooper.